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You can view the entire handbook including some really fantastic modesty guidelines for women students here . For more on Crown College you can ck out a promotional video we featured last year. All I can say is that people who are stupid enough to agree to these rules deserve to be held to them. Yep, that describes fundies to a tee! How dare fundies criticize fundamentalist Islam when they spout the same crap? Really sickening. Nobody here is going to be beaten for meeting someone of the opposite sex without a chaperone.

And it was deep FundamentalismIf I mentioned the two places we associated under, most would recognize the names. God brought me through all those years and has made His true self so real to me now. He is merciful and forgiving. I never knew God like this under the Fundamental lifestyle. I was very afraid of God and just knew if I put on a pair of pants as a woman or listened to heavy rock music that I was unsaved and condemned to Hell. I just thought if I wore the right thing and stayed away from Rock Music, then I was a good Christian.

God has been soooo faithful to me. He is there, through everything and He loves me unconditionally. I so wish, if a Fundamental prear happens to read this post, that he will understand that teens and college students need to know a God of lovenot a God of man-made rules. Love these rules! Love MY Crown College! Gracie, that was very refreshing to read your post on this otherwise non-edifying website. God bless you. Stump, I believe I was speaking to Gracie, not you.

And the reason why I come to this site is to see just how many spiritual and loving things you all have to say, and to try to understand how you can be so full of hate. Have a pleasant tomorrow. Now if you are spelling-challenged, I apologize.

If you deliberately did that, you are mean, nasty, and cruel. In other words, deliberately calling people names is not loving or Christ-like and you need to confess your appalling behavior.

Why not just have God direct your life instead of a bunch of man-made rules? I was asking a question. Semp, the whole website and almost all the persons on it make fun of others, and if not directly making fun of but being self-righteous in their loathing of fundamentalism. As I asked another one earlier who happened to call me a name I have yet to see any answers on this website. All you are so quick to condemn but I have yet to see what if anything you all stand for. What is it about fundamental Christianity that you hate?

I hate fundamentalism. I do not hate fundamentalists.

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If I am judgmental of them, it is by direct experience over years and years. They claim to have the right faith, but it does not stop them from being as ungodly as those they condemn.

Pastors who preach against sexual sin commit adultery, and it is epidemic among fundamentalists. Pastors protect sexual predators and excoriate their victims.

Fundamentalists are content with social injustice, and often defend it vigorously. And lies? Oh fundamentalism is full of lies.

Creationism is founded on lies and exists by lies. And whenever a philosophy or idea has to be defended by lies, it is worthless. Fundamentalism creates its ever-growing list of doctrines by ripping Scripture parts out of context.

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They regularly lie about other denominations. Then we visited and learned the truth.

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Fundamentalism uses cultic indoctrination and brainwashing tactics to keep their followers in-group and subservient. Those who learn anything outside the group and expose errors inside the group are quickly and efficiently isolated to keep their knowledge from contaminating others. Object to a pastor sitting on the Board who protected a rapist and blamed his victim?

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You, too, can be shipped, denied graduation, and be humiliated. Doctrines are created to help maintain the power structure.

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And people who question? They are tossed out as trash. Oh, not every fundamentalist acts this way. Not every Pastor is a tyrant. But they are not representative of fundamentalism as a whole.

Fundamentalism as a whole represents Christianity without Christ. Rules have replaced Grace. Love is conditional. And you are expected to brainlessly and mindlessly accept all the drivel, the prejudice, the racism, and the hatred they exude and think it is love. Wil, not true.

I have done plenty of perusing the last week or two. All I see is put downs and sarcasm. I simply respond to the idiotic and cruel statements I see posted here.

So tell me Wil, what do YOU believe? Does any church teach the truth in your opinion?

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If you had truly taken the time to go over this site and read comment streams you would have your answer. Your sarcastic use of our names and your attitude shows you have a desire to be right, not to actually learn. I know you just as well as you know me. It is obvious from your comment that you have not, since my background and many of the others are written out there.

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According to the ridiculous list of rules this particular discussion is about, I have dated an awful lot of women during my marriage.

To say that anything other than a brief encounter is a date is moronic. Eating lunch with a friend of the opposite gender, sitting with them, even giving them a ride is not a date.

These rules show an irrational fear of people not being able to control themselves. This is a ridiculous list made by a meglomaniacal control freak, not a caring, nurturing leader.

Well RG, thank you for the reply. I differ from you on many points you raised but I appreciate you answering one half of my inquiry. But the way everyone acts on here seems hardly loving.

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I realize that I will never change you feelings about this, as you will never change mine. But I think that if you are what you guys claim that you are that you should be loving. Again, thank you for writing. If you will notice, we do not condemn all who belong to the movement.

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All you have to do is read the comments and that will become pretty evident. Jesus never condemned ordinary people. He reserved His condemnation the religious leaders, the ones who condemned others, who thought of themselves as so spiritual but were in fact full of corruption. Because we see inherent contradictions.

And people continue to follow these corrupt individuals, deliberately blind to their sins, or making excuses for them. The Leaders tell the people that if they are adversely affected by the abuse of authority figures, it is their own fault, not the fault of the abusers. I am sure that in every evil movement one can find things to admire.

That is what Fundamentalism is. It is an evil movement. It brings people along with it who might, in another setting, have become very decent human beings.

It destroys lives. It fetters people in spiritual and emotional chains and tricks them into thinking they are experiencing true freedom. Not every person in fundamentalism is evil.

Colleges Universities in Crown Point, IN CCPA. About Search Results. About Search Results. YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to. Free online dating in Crown Point. 1, Daily Active Members. the way I read this, threesomes are A-OK, as well as any casual hook ups. Notice how all the restrictions are imposed on dating couples (of the opposite sex) - see definition at the top - no restrictions however about someone with whom you do not talk and with whom you only have brief and casual encounters. In other words, fuck buddies are A-OK too, and so is gay sex.

No one here says they are. But fundamentalism IS evil and we rejoice with those who can escape its cluts. UncleWil, If you think I use sarcasm it is only defending others that you people have picked on.

I realize that they have problems and that they are sinners like everyone is. Anyway, thanks for the response. This whole discussion of these rules is moronic. Did you expect us to be surprised by that declaration? We talk about the problems with IFB because that is what we know.

I have no standing to criticize other groups. You are the one who said what you said. I just agreed with you, because, based on what you have written and the way you have interacted with people, you were speaking the truth. If you were exaggerating being sarcastic or something, that would be good to know. People on this site like to treat serious things seriously, and like to joke around when the time is rightonce we know each other enough to joke around.

You are a newcomer who has been uniformly harsh and belittling to people, which is part of the behavior that drove many of us from the IFB in the first place. If you are an older man, as you indicate, then you should have learned more propriety in dealings with new people than you have shown here.

You have demonstrated an unteachable spirit in almost every one of your posts. How do you know what has been going on in our little world?

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How do you know if our complaints are legitimate? Speaking, again, only for myself, I take the Bible very seriously. I disagree with those who claim that the Creation account is based on lies though I do not mock them or condemn them for those beliefs, choosing instead to save my mocking and condemnation for those whose beliefs and actions are manifestly harmful to others.

You say that you disagree with many things I said, and that you are sure the feelings are mutual. I have no idea, as I cannot tell how you disagree with me, or on what basis. I also have no idea what you believe. Not like WE know, anyway. If you want to have a real conversation, that would be cool.

If you want to give Bible reasons why you disagree with stuff I have said, I would really like that. Maybe I have gotten some stuff wrong. Maybe I need correction. But to get there, can we please stop criticizing in broad terms, and get to the specifics?

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God is good. The rules were designed to keep people from breaking the Law. They were never designed to make a right relationship with God achievable. We do that a lot in our IFB and other churs. You had to agree with it all if you were going to be active in any real role.

One thing they included was a complete prohibition on alcohol. Why did we need a stronger line? You may be glad for the rules. Jesus said that all the Law is contained in two ideas. Love God. Love people. Oh, and that includes loving yourself, because He said to love your neighbor as yourself.

Very well said.

It took getting out of the Fundy movement to find the God of the Bible. The Fundy way is too confusing. If you have nothing to hide, why hide it? Crown college is an amazing place. Seriously, I met and married the most wonderful man in the world here.

If the rules were not created, there would be a lot of people regretting so much that they would have done. Take a second. If you had a daughter in college would you rather her be all over every BOY at the college example look at every secular college these days or saving her self for the one she will marry? Nothing other than that! I have no idea why you imbeciles have so much criticism towards a place you have never been. The spirit of God is there and I would truly rethink before you ever criticize a place where The Lord is honored.

Why should I expect my daughter to throw herself at every boy in college if there are no rules against it? Were you that out of control? Rules do not make a successful Christian. Nor, by the way, does coming into a marriage without virginity mean a ruinous life.

Virginity does not equal virtue. Ignorance does not equal bliss. I fully expect my daughter to make sensible decisions. I would prefer she go to a secular school and major in a field leading to a good career. Right now her head is full of the stuff fundies pump into 14 - year - old hearts, including dreams of finding romance on one of the traveling evangelistic teams.

I am praying that time will help dissolve such bubbly nothings. Well said. I am a recovering x Fundy. The leading of the Holy Spirit is what will help a Christian say no to temptations.

Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we find that. I would be careful before you talk about not being racist. Telling young adults they have to get permission for any cross-racial relationship, dating or otherwise, IS racism. And it shows a lack of trust by the parents and the administration. Wow that paragraph is one of the better demonstrations of how delusional a person can be after attending Fundy U. Your character is what it is regardless of where you attend school.

I went to Christian schools all through my senior year- never went to public school- and went to a secular college. Guess what? I was never all over a bunch of guys. The important thing is to find Godly friends and to know who you are in Christ and what you stand for. Saying that people who want to live right have to go to Christian schools sounds a bit self-righteous. One other thing, you might want to be careful with asking people not to insult and in the same sentence insult those who you claim are insulting.

The race part? I would like to know how they define race. What would non-believers think if they saw that? Anyways, be blessed everyone. So eating with a member of the opposite sex is considered dating them? Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Seriously, what kind of rules are these? If you talk to someone for more than a brief conversation, you are considered to be dating them? Just wow. First of all, if two grown adults want to date, who are their parents and their school to interfere? Furthermore, this rule completely ignores the existence of mixed people. Would I not be allowed to date anyone, then?

Or would I only be allowed to date other mixed people who are of the same mix as me? Either way, this rule is just plain racist and offensive.

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To Crown College: What year is this? Does Loving v. Virginia not ring a bell? And who knew organizations - even churs - were still blatantly and unapologetically racist? Henceforth look at Jinger duggar no wearing pants under JIm Bob but Jeremy Vuolo says its okay and boom she wears pants now. Samething with Alyssa Bates she wears pants because John Webster thinks it is okay- everything has to be daddy or husband approved and church approved- no room from individual thought and opinion.

They also have no clue what Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Orthodox Christians, Methodists, Presbyterians and other mainstream Christian and Christian denominations follow and believe it. But because America is a WASP country- it is easier to pin point Catholics as the aggressors and abusers and not the Fundie Baptists and Fundie Mormons- who are known to hide incest, child and arranged marriages and abuse on much bigger scales in the US then the Catholic Church in the USA has ever done.

You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Log in to Reply. Ehh, I think it depends on the parents if the offenders are beaten. No college for me, they force men to wear womanly clothing: trousers!

That last sentence is heresy to IFBaptists. It will always be for them. They looked serious, concerned, grave. What a pile of manure. It would be easier if they put in the book what you can do!

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Crown point college dating

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